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We are more than just a job portal! we actually help you build your job portal. If you've been relying on other job portals every time you need to hire, this is the time to build your own job portal, complete with very easy to use features & unlimited job posting credits.

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Applicant Tracking System (ATS), Karirpad able to assist the company in managing the recruitment process professionally. By using our e-recruitment system, your company will have a great chance to gets the best candidate for a particular position.

Benefits of using Applicant Tracking System

Your own job portal

Our technology enables you to make your own job portal with easy-to-use features & unlimited job posting credits. You don't need to worry about technical stuff because we've handled it.

All-in-one Features

Start from auto filtering, chatting, interview schedule, manage user's list, lock and blacklist certain candidates are all included in our system.

Reach millions of new candidates

Karirpad has more than 1.9 million with hundreds of thousands job applications every month.

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What They Said About Karirpad

Karirpad helps our process in administration. It is faster and more efficient.

PT. Supra Boga Lestari, Tbk

Over 24,000 companies trust Karirpad's ATS as their recruitment solution.

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