Benefits of using our Applicant Tracking System

Fastest Way to access Talent Pool

Access to over 1.9 million qualified candidates in Karirpad just by finding and offering the position you need.

Post Unlimited Job Vacancies

ATS offers an affordable system with unlimited credit for posting job advertisements. The vacancy advertisement appear on the Karirpad website, client sites, and more than 100 media partners throughout Indonesia.

Candidate Search Feature

The candidate search feature by using Job Offering Credit (JOC), makes it easy for you to find the right candidate in one second and offers candidates that match the needs of the company.

Search, filter, and schedule interview candidate

Our system is able to evaluate, search, filter, and offer as well as schedule interview.

Automatic Report

The report recap feature of the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) helps your company to collect, prepare and review reports from the entire recruitment process.

Easier interaction With Chat Feature

Process of calling candidates increases faster, easier and more efficient using the chat feature.

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