PT Reycom Document Solusi RDS is a service company focused on Document Management that provide End to End Services from Document Imaging Data Capture Phone Verification and Printing to Finance Telecommunication and Insurance Industry. We are accelerating the growth of it our business focused on innovative and high value services to fulfill industry needs and customer requirements. We recognized that our greatest asset to support our tremendous growth plan is Human Resources We are inviting highly motivated young dynamic and experience professionals to fill.


Compulsory Requirement:

  • Diploma
  • Max: 35 Years
  • GPA: 3.25
  • Minimum Experience: 1 Year(s)

Task, Responsibility and Others:

Job Descriptions:

  • Carry out programming tasks related to the business process.
  • Develop a Mobile software (Android and IOS) and IT teams collaborate with other programmers to create customized solutions according to the client's specifications and requirements.


  • Majoring in Engineering (Computer/Telecommunication), Computer Science/Information Technology or equivalent.
  • 2 Full-Time positions available for Android and 2 Full-time positions available for IOS.
  • Understand and master the programming language Java & XML Using Android studio / Xamarin for android programmer, and understand Swift & XCODE programming language / Xamarin for IOS Programmer.
  • Need to have minimum 1 years experience in Android Programming or IOS Programming and portfolio is a good advantage.
  • Have the ability to design Mobile Application.
  • API & Object oriented with analytic sense for troubleshoot and future development.
  • UI & UX logical sense would be a good advantage too.
  • Can work independently as well as team.
  • Strong in programming algorithm (Its a must).

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  • Job Level
    : Junior Staff
  • Job Function
    : IT Mobile Programming
  • Job Type
    : Full Time
  • Salary
    : Negosiasi